With a foreword by My Morning Jacket's Jim James, visuals by Studio Muti, and a special surprise something from bestselling author Shea Serrano.

"An unexpectedly uplifting read"

"...slightly morbid yet endlessly entertaining..."

"Sometimes the most morbid of questions lead to the most fascinating answers."

"An intriguing, but rarely considered question from the endless realm of pop music hypotheticals"

"Oddly entertaining...full of surprises"

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An ironically upbeat book that asks some of today’s most inimitable musicians which song they would choose to be the last one they ever hear.

In One Last Song, Ayers invites 32 musicians to consider what song they would each want to accompany them to those pearly white gates. Weaving together their explanations with evocative illustrations and poignant interludes—what your song to die to says about you, what songs famous people have died to, and more. The book offers insight into the minds of famous artists and provides an entry point for considering how integral music is to our own personal narratives.

About the Author

Mike Ayers has been an arts and entertainment journalist and editor for outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, Rolling Stone, GQ, TIME, Esquire, Billboard, and many more. He is currently the executive editor at Money.